Service, which is not afraid of blocking Roskomnadzor. How to watch movies and TV shows without advertising and make money on it

Classic file sharing and torrent clients will soon disappear. People are tired of watching endless advertisements, downloading files at minimum speed and plunging into fraudulent casinos by accidentally clicking on a banner. They want to read books, listen to music, watch movies without limits and good quality.

But a paid subscription is not for the Russian mentality. Another thing is free use. And even better – get rewarded for watching.

In this way, the Mediacoin file sharing network went , gathering over 100,000 unique files and 14,000 active users in just six months. These figures are explained by the benefits and advantages of the project.

Safe use

Using the Internet anonymously is almost impossible. You have to constantly hide your personal data in profile settings, go only to trusted sites and update the antivirus without end. But this also creates only the illusion of security. After all, the reliability of the servers of the sites themselves is far from the Pentagon. And for government agencies, their “doors” are always open.

Another thing is Mediacoin. When registering, you enter only a unique username and password. They serve to log in and work in the application. Without confirmation by e-mail and telephone. Even the IP address remains anonymous. The system is designed so that it does not request this data. This means that they are inaccessible to intruders.

Structured Content Base

All internal files are collected in a convenient directory with categories and tags. Finding the right material comes down to just a few clicks. And thanks to a convenient rating system and ratings, files that other users like are included in the top.

There is content for every taste: movies, series, pictures, music, games, programs, etc. Fans of “strawberry” are here 18+ materials. Without imposed opinions and censorship.

And in the settings there is a function for turning off the content “for adults”. Therefore, children can use the file sharing service.

Convenient interface

The application menu is made so that even a grandmother can figure it out. In one window, the files are displayed, in search of which previously had to shovel dozens of sites.

Moreover, the developers are constantly improving the functionality of user feedback. This means that you can have a hand in the development of the project.

Earning opportunity

This option turns the classic file hosting system and torrent clients upside down. For many, it becomes, perhaps, the most “tasty” bun of the project.

Mediacoin works on the blockchain system. No shared server. Network members give others access to the multimedia files on their computer. At the head is the principle of reciprocity. Each registration is conditionally credited with internal coins (MDC) for downloading 25 GB of content. They are spent at downloading and are charged at distribution of materials. It balances the system. Additional coins are given for publishing unique content, attracting users and distributing files downloaded in the system.

Earnings of active participants far exceeds expenses. They convert MDC in the internal exchanger and take them to e-wallets.

No ads

Thanks to its own cryptocurrency system, the service does not need to earn extra money on advertising and paid subscriptions. You are viewing files as if they are already on your computer. And this means that you no longer have to wait until the promo roll passes and is interrupted in the middle of the film, as if watching it on TV.


Sometimes it is not only intrusive advertising that interferes with viewing, but also restrictions to the display in the region. Members of the Mediacoin network never encounter this. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the server that is usually blocked is simply not there. And this means that all the content is available to you 24/7. No hint of restrictions.

Internal Media Community

Mediacoin members exchange not only media files, but also vivid impressions of their viewing. To do this, a system of likes and comments. Thanks to the subscription to interesting channels, you always find yourself up to date with the latest updates. And by adding playlists and individual files to bookmarks, you create your own content library.

Moreover, Mediacoin does not close the conversation on itself, but encourages repost to social networks. In this case, for downloading the files that you shared, they also pay. And thanks to the affiliate network, part of the money earned by attracted users is added to the income.

Putting all the pluses together, without exaggeration, let’s say: Mediacoin is the best file-sharing network. It combines the advantages of social networks, file sharing, torrents and video hosting sites. In addition, it saves time on finding information. Therefore, join the media community right now.

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