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Russian flash mob with a fall in luxury reached China. They understood him in their own way.

Instead of stars, the participants were police officers, officials and cleaners.

In August , the “Falling Stars” flash mob ( # fallingstars2018 ) began with the introduction of Instagram users from Russia . The participant must pretend that he just fell face down, and at the same time emphasize financial well-being. There was no special subtext for the action.

At first, celebrities spread the flash mob, taking pictures of how they “fall” at the exit from private jets, yachts or surrounded by other luxury items. It is not known who it all started with, but one of the first, on July 30, passed the baton to DJ Smash.

Often, popular bloggers too literally understood the idea of ​​a flash mob and simply copied a photo of DJ Smash. Bloggers even repeated the angle of the shooting, “falling” from the same private jets in exotic places. But other Instagram users, on the contrary, published their own variations.

Model Victoria Lopyryova at some point gave the flashmob a meaning by inviting the following stars to mention any charitable foundations and promising to make donations to these organizations.

In October, the flash mob reached China, where many people understood it differently. If some really followed the canon and demonstrated the attributes of a luxurious life, others did not constrain themselves with status and wealth. As a result, instead of expensive items “fall” the beginning of everything, right up to the most ordinary things.

Since Instagram is not working in China, the flash mob has spread on Weibo social networks and local instant messengers. There appeared pictures of “fallen” sweepers with mops, officials surrounded by papers, and policemen with weapons or things prohibited on airplanes.

Also, Chinese brands have joined the flash mob. For example, Xiaomi has published a snapshot, where around the fallen employee of the company are not yet released smartphone models.

A DJI employee “fell” with a whole set of devices from the manufacturer of drones.

Not without incident: the two girls in China were fined for trying to participate in the action. They stopped the car at a pedestrian crossing in the busy center of Taizhou, got out of the salon and “fell”, as if dropping Gucci bags and their contents. The girls were detained and a fine of 150 yuan (approximately 1,400 rubles) was issued for violating traffic rules.

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