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NYT: Russia and China are bugged by Trump during private conversations. He knows about it, but does not give the iPhone to the special services.

But Russia is not particularly interested in wiretapping because of Trump’s sympathy for Putin.

Donald Trump. Getty Photos
Donald Trump. Getty Photos

One of the three iPhones used by US President Donald Trump is listening to the intelligence services of Russia and China, The New York Times reported , citing current and former White House officials. The sources were anonymous representatives of foreign governments and intercepted reports of foreign officials.

According to the publication, the functionality of the two iPhones Trump limited the National Security Agency: the first is designed for Twitter and other applications, and the second – for calls. The President’s third iPhone in terms of security is no different from those used throughout the world, but only on it can he keep a list of personal contacts. Most likely, the wiretap is installed on this device.

US intelligence officials repeatedly warned Trump about the dangers of unprotected calls. But they have no right to force the president to refuse calls on iPhone. As the White House informally says, they can only hope that Trump does not discuss classified information in personal conversations.

Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies are looking for “every little thing” – from intonation during a conversation to Trump’s arguments, CIA veteran John Cypher, who served in Moscow in the 1990s and later headed the “Russian” management program, told NYT.

However, according to the NYT, Russia is not making serious efforts when Trump is tapping because of his “obvious” sympathy for Vladimir Putin. In this, Russia is different from China, which intends to use information in a trade war against the United States. For example, Chinese intelligence agencies are exploring arguments to influence the American president.

In order to influence the trade war, the Chinese allegedly made a list of contacts with which Trump most often communicates. Among them are the executive director of the investment holding of Blackstone Group, Steven Schwartzman (founded the scholarship program at the University of Beijing) and billionaire Steve Wynn, famous in the gambling business and having built an entertainment complex in Macau. It is not known if they knew about wiretapping, but the NYT assumes it does not.

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