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Musk again confessed his love for the anime and offered the subscriber to buy bitcoins. Twitter briefly blocked his account

The social networks thought that Musk had been hacked. Usually scammers offer buy cryptocurrency on behalf of the head of Tesla.

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In October, Ilon Musk was several times noted on Twitter. First, the entrepreneur said that he likes anime like “Your Name” and “Princess Mononoke”, and he is ready to build a huge fighting humanoid robot for fur. Then Musk joked that he was ready to start developing the Half-Life 3 game, which fans have been waiting for for many years.

On October 22, the head of Tesla and Space X decided to show his hobbies a little more explicitly than simply listing cartoons.

And in communication with subscribers, he made a reference to the anime “Canon”.

Under a tweet about love for anime, one of the subscribers, Musk, asked what happens with two-factor authentication for a Tesla account. The entrepreneur responded with an offer to buy bitcoins with a bitcoin-chan picture.

Twitter users have suggested that the Musk account has been hacked. In this case, under the messages of the head of Tesla often appear fake accounts with the same name and avatar, which beg for cryptocurrency. Since the summer of 2018, Twitter has been actively fighting fraudsters: for example, the social network has automatically banned anyone who changes the name to “Elon Musk”.

A few hours after the publication of tweets about anime and bitcoins, the entrepreneur said that Twitter was also thinking about a possible account hacking, and briefly blocked the Musk. He did not specify the reason.

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