Media: in the restaurant Robert De Niro sent the same bomb that Obama and Clinton

The actor is one of the most famous critics of Donald Trump.

In the restaurant of the actor Robert De Niro in New York, unknown persons sent a “suspicious package” and an explosive device similar to those received by Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. This was reported by NBC , The New York Post and The Guardian , citing the police in New York.

The police only reported receiving a suspicious package in the Tribeca area, where the actor’s restaurant is located, but did not mention his name.

Robert De Niro has several times publicly criticized Trump ’s policies, including using foul language. In October 2016, De Niro called Trump a pig and said that he was ready to hit him in the face, but then he changed his mind : “I cannot hit him because now he is president. And I must respect this position. ”

Earlier, similar packages were received by Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, CNN, billionaire John Soros and the governor of New York. The motives of the person (or people) who send such parcels are still unknown. Whether or not the bomb recipients represent the Democratic Party or support it is unclear.

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