Karaoke application Musical.ly ceased to exist and became part of the analog TikTok

After upgrading, more than 100 million active users will automatically switch to a new platform.

Screenshot of the application Musical.ly

Popular karaoke application Musical.ly officially ceased to exist. About 100 million active users with their videos will automatically switch to a similar service TikTok, which combined the functions of karaoke and Vine-video. Both applications belong to the Chinese company Bytedance.

The official twitter account Musical.ly also suspended work. But the profile was updated TikTok, which welcomed the new users.


As users told Musical.ly, the application has been updated and changed the name.

In November, Bytedance bought Musical.ly for a billion dollars and noted that it was going to expand the audience of the app in China and Asia. According to the company, TikTok is used by about 500 million people around the world, and the audience of two similar services should be combined. TikTok specializes in short videos, as in Vine, in which users sing along to famous tracks.

Musical.ly is an application that allows you to synchronize songs and your own performance, as in karaoke. Since the beginning of 2018, the service began to gain an audience in Russia due to its popularity with media and YouTube bloggers . According to Business Insider, Musical.ly was in great demand among teenagers aged 13-19.

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