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In saunas and hotels in Tajikistan couples require a marriage certificate

Last week, Dilshod resident and his wife were not allowed into the sauna because they did not have a document confirming the marriage. Dilshod told the Radio Ozodi correspondent that once a month, according to tradition, he and his wife were steaming in a sauna, and the new rules came as a surprise to him.

“We did not know about the new rules, so there was no evidence with us and we could not prove that we are husband and wife. I had to leave, and not sweating. Sauna owners said that this is an order of the authorities and it is necessary to carry it out “,

the interlocutor said

An employee of one of the metropolitan saunas confirmed that the presence of a marriage registration certificate or a corresponding passport stamp is a new requirement of the authorities. Thus, law enforcement agencies want to make sure that the establishments are not used as brothels. In 2017, the police reported closing 288 brothels.

A spokesman for the Tajik Interior Ministry said that such rules had been introduced to prevent the creation of dens for prostitution. Therefore, the owners of saunas and other establishments received a warning to increase control over their visitors.

“There were cases when police officers detained in recreation areas, hotels, saunas of women of easy virtue, then these plots were shown on television”

Umarjon Emomali
Press Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan

A corresponding warning was received by hotels. A resident of Dushanbe reported that in many private hotels in Khujand she noticed a sign at the reception that it was forbidden to give rooms for non-married couples.

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