Huawei for the first time became the leader in sales of smartphones in Russia for the quarter. But Apple earned the most.

In monetary terms, the Chinese company was only in third place.

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Huawei for the first time became the leader of the Russian smartphone market in terms of the number of devices sold. The company sold 28.3% of all phones in Russia in the third quarter of 2018. This was reported by RBC with reference to the MTS data.

The increase in sales was influenced by the release of a new line of smartphones in the budget and mid-budget segments. During the year, the share of Huawei has tripled, the operator said.

Information about the leadership of Huawei was also confirmed in M.Video-Eldorado. The spokesperson of the retailer Valeria Andreeva said that Huawei and Honor (brand Huawei) were really the best sold in units.

In fact, every third smartphone purchased in Russia in the third quarter of 2018 was produced by Huawei.

Valeria Andreeva
press service “M.Video-Eldorado”

According to MTS, in Russia in the third quarter of 2018, 8.3 million smartphones were sold, which is 1.6% more than in the same period in 2017. The volume of the market grew by 21% – up to 124 billion rubles.

Prior to Huawei, Samsung was the leader in sales of smartphones, but in the third quarter the company was only in second place with a share of 24.8%, and Apple was third with a share of 11.7%. The reliability of the estimates was confirmed by RBC, another unnamed source among retailers.

According to the MTS report, Apple earned the most in the third quarter. Despite not the largest share in unit sales, the company received 32% of revenues from the entire Russian smartphone market. Samsung ranked second with a share of 26.4%, and Huawei took the third position, earning 25.4%. The statement says that these top three manufacturers account for 94.1% of all smartphones sold in the MTS retail chain in monetary terms.

The average price of devices for the year increased by almost 20%, and demand grew in all categories, except the budget itself – 5 thousand rubles and cheaper. As noted in the MTS, the price category of 40 thousand rubles showed the most intensive growth – an increase of 136% in monetary terms.

In the second quarter of 2018, Huawei ranked second in the number of shipped smartphones in the world, overtaking Apple. The first is Samsung.

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