How does Yandex.Auto work?

Brief test drive system without pulling away.

On September 19, Yandex presented its multimedia system for cars, Yandex.Avto , at an event in Moscow . At first, it will appear as a built-in system for Toyota (the manufacturer will equip them with 40% of the new RAV4 and Camry), and for the Jaguar Land Rover it will work for the time being with a cord and in a limited mode – only Yandex.Navigator is supported from applications.

At the site near the Yandex office, it was possible to observe the operation of the system in action in both versions. The output of “Yandex.Navigator” on the screen of the onboard system is not impressive at all, but the built-in system is quite rich: navigation, weather, display of speed and road signs, radio (so far without Yandex.Music) and built-in “Yandex Browser.

The cars did not move from the site, so it was impossible to test the operation of the navigation systems, but they were connected to the office Wi-Fi, and not to the mobile Internet. Voice control is activated by the command “Listen, Yandex”, and in the case of the embedded system, it was quite easy to get to the system with a voice – but she did not always understand what was said.

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