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GitHub is unavailable for more than a day due to a database failure.

The site was temporarily disabled after several complaints about the inaccessibility of the section with new projects.

On October 21, the service for storing code and collaborating on Github stopped working. As the creators of the site reported , there was a failure in the database, because of which it was necessary to turn it off during the repair. The developers also complained about this.

Judging by the complaints, the majority of users, instead of the site, open “error 500” about the impossibility of connecting to the service. They also complained that they could not upload their projects and corrections to them. Most reports of problems come from Japan, Europe and the USA.

“Oh no, GitHub„ fell “. Error 500

The creators of GitHub explained that recovery might take longer than usual. They promised that the problem with the database will not affect the code repository and projects uploaded by users.

During the recovery time, the information on the website is most likely not to be updated. However, no data is lost. As soon as we restore the service, everything will work as before.


As noted by The Next Web, the developers promised to launch the site before the end of October 22, as they have already restored the database. The easiest way to monitor the availability status of GitHub is on a special page .

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