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A student was killed by a former boyfriend while talking to her mother.

Lauren McCluskey, University of Utah student

The last words of Lauren McCluskey that her mother heard on the phone were: “No, no, no!”

A 21-year-old student and athlete was shot dead on the campus of the University of Utah by her former boyfriend, on the night of October 22, during a telephone conversation with her mother. Accused 37-year-old Melvin Rowland committed suicide an hour later. Jill McCluskey, the victim’s mother, said that she was in touch with her daughter, who was returning to the campus car after evening classes, and suddenly heard her cries, “No, no, no!”

I thought she had an accident. It was the last thing I heard from her.

Jill McCluskey
mother of sacrifice

Loren McCluskey met with Rowland for about a month. They broke up on October 9, after Lauren found out that her boyfriend had lied about his age, his name and has the status of a sex offender. It was not clear how the two met. Investigators began working on the Rowland case after Lauren filed a complaint with the police, Chief Dale Brophy said.

McCluskey was found shot dead in a car near campus housing. Rowland committed suicide in the church, where he was discovered by the police. Brophy refused to disclose the details of his report.

Melvin Rowland, the killer
Melvin Rowland, the killer

Rowland spent ten years in prison after trying to persuade a teenage girl to online sex. In addition, he was charged with two similar crimes in September 2003, according to prosecutor Paul Hamann. He was caught catching a sex offense on the network after a police officer obtained evidence of the amoral behavior of the accused, posing as a 13-year-old girl. Immediately after being charged, another woman reported that she had also been sexually harassed by the accused on the network a few days earlier.

He just lost control. He has no self control

Paul Amann

Rowland pleaded guilty to attempted sexual abuse through the Internet. He was released from prison in 2012, but returned back twice after he violated parole conditions, said Caitlin Felsted, a spokeswoman for the Utah state prison. Shortly before the murder, he was fired from his job.

Reports of shooting provoked a panic on the campus of the university. The leadership forbade leaving the campus until the killer is found. A student at the University of Utah Yonah, Wojcik said he was playing in the pool when he received a message about shooting on campus. He and eight other students waited in the bathroom for about two hours until they found out that the killer was found.

I did not know whether the shooter would attack other people or whether his target was one person.

Yonah Voychik
University of Utah student
Lauren McCluskey
Lauren McCluskey

Lauren McCluskey was a leading runner and public representative. She really liked to compete in running and Lauren was glad that she would finish her studies next spring. Lauren was also a Washington State champion in the high jump and loved to sing.

University President Ruth Watkins, said he canceled classes on Thursday to conduct a night vigil.

As a campus community, we share the tragic loss

Ruth Watkins
President of the University of Utah
Please always listen to women who are scared, to those who tell you that the guy who is staring at them is scary, to those who just want to get home safely. It may not be difficult for you, but it means a lot to them.
Today’s challenge: to take positive action on her behalf. Serve and be there for each other. “We are her ripples”

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