Photo: Ideal rectangular iceberg

One would like to trample on it, but it is deadly.

The photograph, which was published by NASA, shows an iceberg offshore, looking like a flat rectangle. It swims near the Larsen Glacier off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Judging by the appearance of the iceberg – sharp corners and a flat horizontal surface – it relatively recently broke off the shelf, the space agency noted. When it is unknown.

The size of an iceberg from a photo is difficult to determine. Probably in width it is more than a mile or 1.6 kilometers, NASA glaciologist Kelly Brant estimated . According to a specialist in the study of natural ice, the visible part of the cob, as usual, is only 10% of the mass. The rest is hidden under water.

There are two types of icebergs. One of them comes to mind, if you remember the Titanic crash – and on the surface it looks like a prism or a pyramid.

And also there are shelf icebergs. They are wide, flat and long as a layer cake. These icebergs are shaped like nails — when a piece of shelf becomes too large, it eventually cracks.

Kelly brant
NASA scientist studying natural ice

Brunt also noted that he does not advise strolling along the surface of an iceberg. It is too unstable, and cracks can form on it at any moment.

NASA took a photo during the IceBridge operation . The agency removes the ice sheet of the Earth to study the dynamics of its melting.

Scientists claim that there was no human intervention. But under the photograph, NASA still left a few comic variants of how this iceberg actually appeared.

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