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Yahoo agreed to allocate $ 50 million in compensation to victims of a massive data breach in 2013

Money can be received by each of the 200 million affected customers.

Yahoo agreed to allocate $ 50 million in compensation to 200 million customers affected by the largest data breach in history in 2013, ABC News reports .

The trial lasts two years. On October 22, the company filed a settlement agreement for approval by the court, its consideration is scheduled for November 29. In the case of a positive decision, all affected customers will receive a notification.

Any Yahoo client who has suffered a leak can claim some compensation. Payments may cover the theft of personal data, tax delays and other problems associated with burglary.

As ABC News found out, Yahoo users will be able to get $ 25 for every hour spent solving problems caused by a leak. Those who documented the loss have the right to demand compensation up to 15 hours, or $ 375. The rest may require compensation of up to five hours of problem solving, or $ 125.

Users who annually pay from $ 20 to $ 50 per account can claim a compensation of 25%. In addition, Yahoo will cover the costs of lawyers – about $ 35 million.

The company will also pay the affected customers two years of using the services of controlling the movement of funds in a credit account using the All Clear service. It will cost her $ 359 for each. However, it is not known how much Yahoo is willing to pay the service for helping affected customers.

Since Yahoo is part of Oath, payments will be equally divided between Oath and Altaba holding company, which owns part of Yahoo remaining after the purchase.

On September 24, 2016, an injured client Ronald Schwartz filed a lawsuit against the company . If the case were lost, Yahoo would have to pay more than a billion dollars. However, the company insisted that many users indicated fake date of birth and other data when registering email.

A billion passwords and security issues leaked in 2013, but Yahoo admitted it only in December 2016. In September of the same year, the company uncovered a data leak of 500 million people. In October 2017, it became known  that 3 billion users suffered from cyber attacks. In November of the same year, the former president of the company accused Russian hackers of the 2013 attack.

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