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Yahoo admitted leaking a billion passwords three years ago

In August 2013, unknown stole information on more than a billion user accounts Yahoo, including passwords, and in some cases, the answers to security questions, said in a statement.

According to the information disclosed by the company, we are talking about data, information about the theft of which Yahoo received from law enforcement in November. After analyzing it, the company confirmed that this is indeed the data of Yahoo users: they contained names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, MD5 hashes of passwords and in some cases encrypted and unencrypted secret questions with answers to them.

Whether the payment data of users was stolen is not known for sure, but the company believes that the leak did not affect them. Yahoo does not explain whether the company knew about the incident with the theft of these accounts earlier – before the appeal of law enforcement agencies.

The FAQ on leak in detail told about the measures that are now being accepted at Yahoo to help protect customers. Anyone who is susceptible to the incident, according to the company, was sent a letter with detailed instructions, additional information will be published on Yahoo sites. The compromised passwords are reset by the service, the secret questions are deactivated, but this data can also be used by attackers in the services of other companies that do not introduce increased security measures.

In September, Yahoo already reported a leak of 500 million passwords stolen at the end of 2014: then it was considered the largest burglary in history. The company claims that according to preliminary data, two hacks – in 2013 and 2014 – are not related to each other.

The Wired edition noted that in the fall of 2013, Yahoo had only 800 million active users, and although according to the upper estimate, the company had compromised up to 1.5 billion accounts, many of them are probably already inactive. There are about 3 billion Internet users in the world, stressed Wired.

This is the largest hacking internet company in history.

After reporting a data leak, 500 million Yahoo accounts allowed a review of the amount of the sale of their business to the largest US mobile operator Verizon. In July, it was 4.8 billion dollars.

According to the New York Post, after news of a record leak, Verizon demanded a $ 1 billion discount. Whether the information about the new incident will affect the amount of the transaction is not yet known: against its background, the company’s shares are falling , but not sharply.

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