What are popsocketts – holders for smartphones, which for the second year are called “new spinners”

The accessory never reached the popularity of spinning toys, but in the era of large phones it became for many an irreplaceable thing.

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For several years now, journalists have been worried that modern phones have become too big and no longer fit in the palm. Because of this, it is sometimes inconvenient to use them, and the risk of accidentally dropping the device increases. Therefore, people paid attention to popsockets (popsockets) – inexpensive holders for smartphones. The Popsocketts were predicted to be famous for fidget spinners: they did not achieve such popularity, but they occupied their niche as an “indispensable accessory”.

What is popsocket

Popsocketts – plastic holders for smartphones and tablets, which are mounted on the back panel of the device. Accessory looks like a handle, folding if necessary. This gives users the ability to more conveniently and tightly hold the device in one hand: with a pop socket, there is less chance of a smartphone falling out and crashing. Also, an accessory is used as a stand while watching a video.

When you press the popsocket folds and bulges slightly more than the standard phone case. This allows you to carry your device in a pocket or bag without removing the accessory. Popsocket has two open states – fully and half. Less common options with a ring that can be independently adjusted.

Popsocket creators offer at least six usage scenarios: in each case, the holder should be mounted in different places on the back of a smartphone or tablet. Most often, the holder is simply clamped between the index and middle fingers.

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From ridicule to big business

Popularity popsocket associated with the company PopSockets and its founder, David Barnett. The American taught philosophy at several American universities, but then began to produce accessories for smartphones. In an interview with the publication Forbes, he said that he initially did not conceive pop-socket sockets as holders – he simply got tired of constantly unraveling the headphones.

I attached two large buttons for clothes to the back of my iPhone 3G. And the problem was solved: since then I just wrapped the headphones around these buttons.

David Barnett
PopSockets head

Barnett began to use the invention every day, but friends and relatives joked about it: the buttons looked strange on the iPhone. The American has developed several dozen prototypes and in 2012 launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter site. He attracted a part of the funds through the platform, a part he borrowed from his friends, he also invested money received in compensation for the house burnt down in a fire.

David Barnett. Photo Forbes

The first popsocketta Barnett sold in 2014 from his garage. In just a few years, his startup turned into a large company: in 2017, PopSockets sold 35 million handhelds worldwide, and the number of employees increased from one (Barnett himself) to 120.

The company made hundreds of types of pop-sockets with different styles and designs: agreements on the sale of accessories with the heroes of Marvel, Netflix, Harry Potter and other famous franchises helped. The average price for an official holder is about 10-15 dollars.

According to Barnett, his invention is a more durable thing than popular toys like spinners. “Popsocketts are not a whim, but a useful product. This is the thing about which people usually do not even think that they need it, and then they cannot live without it, ”he added.

From Michael Phelps to Android developers

By 2017, the media called popsocketta “new spinners”, but accessories for smartphones did not become as popular as spinning toys. However, they found their niche: dozens of companies around the world began to make and sell inexpensive analogues of PopSockets products.

Popsocketta noticed in the photos of actor Jared Leto, tennis players Serena Williams, models Gigi Hadid, swimmer Michael Phelps and other celebrities. For them, accessories were bought and their fans. People from the mobile industry also use popsocketts: for example, the holder was seen on his smartphone by vice president of Android development David Burke during the Google I / O 2018 conference

In October 2018, Business Insider editor Brandt Ranj wrote a review on a smartphone holder. According to him, at first he considered a popsocket completely optional for his iPhone XS Max, but after testing he changed his mind.

30 seconds with PopSockets was enough to fully understand why they are so popular. For the first time in a month I could easily scroll sites without straining my hand. No need to worry about sudden shocks in the subway, after which the phone can fall out of hand.

If at least once you have a desire to keep your phone more stable (during photography, watching videos, reading websites on the Internet), then popsocketts will help you. The most useful accessory for 10 dollars, with the exception of the charger. HYIP on these things is real and fully justified.

Brandt range

Popsocketta in Russia

In Russia, you can also purchase analogues of the PopSockets company. There are sites where prices start from 150 rubles (buy a removable cover with a picture – from 60 rubles), and thematic publics in VKontakte (200-400 rubles). Popsocketts are also sold in the shop of the “Art. Lebedev Studio” – they offer 13 design options for 399 rubles.

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Aliexpress representatives told  that over the past year the demand for popsockets has increased sixfold — in October 2018 they were searched almost 18,000 times. But the level of interest did not reach the fashion for spinners: they accounted for more than 150 thousand requests during peak months.

The range is represented by several tens of thousands of product offers. Initially, fashion came from China, as well as skvishi, and rabbit tails for the phone, where such mounts on mobile phones have been popular for many years along with covers on ropes, to which all kinds of amulets and trifles are attached. The average price tag – up to 100 rubles.

The models can be very different, but the most popular ones are a ring with a fastening for fingers, as well as a form made of a hard material on a spring, under which you can pass fingers and thus hold the phone.

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