Twitter user complained about the appearance of the second “bang” in Google Pixel 3. This is probably a strange Android bug.

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Photos from JBurroughs86 Twitter

Twitter user Jesse Burroughs (Jessie Burroughs) said that on his new Pixel 3 periodically appears the second “Bang.” The man turned to support Google, but there have not been able to help him.

According to Burroughs, the phantom “fringe” appears randomly after unlocking the smartphone. It disappears if you reboot the phone, but then it may appear again.

“Bang” is not displayed if you try to take a screenshot of the screen – because of this, Burroughs had to remove the display of the phone to another smartphone. The man noted that it is “funny, especially on the phone for a thousand dollars.”

When the user tried to contact Google technical support, the fringe appeared once again. Employees of the company have not been able to help in solving the problem.

Other users have suggested that Burroughs ran into some kind of Android bug. Perhaps it is associated with the use of the smartphone in horizontal mode and the “fringe” is rotated along with the rest of the interface. In favor of this version says that the phantom “fringe” appears, including when a man watches YouTube in horizontal mode.

Burroughs’s situation was a joke on Twitter, where the problem was called notchgate (banggate). Users have decided that the “bangs” are multiplying and will soon fill the entire screen of Pixel 3.

Some were surprised that Google, in principle, added a “fringe” to the system programmatically, when it is a physical feature of a smartphone.

“Why is it even in code? The bang is physical, not software. ”

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