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“Titanic II” can go on the first journey in 2022. He will repeat the route of the sunken “Titanic”

This time the ship is promised to be made more secure.

In 2022, the Australian company Blue Star Line plans to launch the second Titanic. To pay tribute to the first ship, the Titanic II will follow the same route as the liner, which sank in 1912.

Externally, the ship will be similar to the original, but it was developed anew. Blue Star Line promises that the ship will become much safer and will receive modern navigation technology.

Designers are supposed to restore the interior of the original Titanic.

The company promises to restore the original interior of the Titanic and the design of the premises, including on the ship there will be an almost identical version of the ship’s main staircase. The Titanic II can carry about 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. The Titanic II project was postponed in 2015 due to financial problems, but in September 2018, work was resumed .

The first Titanic sank in 1912 due to a collision with an iceberg during its first voyage. The liner could hold almost 2.5 thousand passengers, but the boats were provided only for 1178 people. As a result of the crash killed at least 1,496 people.

Original Titanic.
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