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“Queen of shit robots” showed the first project after brain surgery. And collected money for him for half an hour

In April 2018, a brain tumor was found in Simon Hertz. After six months, she developed a calendar to achieve goals and maintain motivation.

Simon Hertz. Mashable Photos

Stockholm  based video blogger Simon Hertz, known as the “Queen of Crap Robots”, launched a campaign on The Every Day Calendar on Kickstrter. Necessary for the development of 35 thousand dollars she collected in half an hour. This is the first project of Hertz after surgery on the brain , transferred in May 2018.

The girl became famous on the Internet by creating useless robots for making breakfast, washing her hair and replacing an alarm clock. This time, Hertz said that she wanted to do something “life-enhancing.” Her project is a board with 365 sensory sensors indicating the days of the year. After touching the LED lights up and notes the date

As planned, the owner of the calendar should choose a goal and mark the days when he did something for her. The goal can be any – Hertz originally made the board as a reminder to herself that you need to constantly practice yoga. According to her, the physical calendar becomes both a motivator and an indicator of progress.

You can purchase a calendar for $ 250, Hertz will start sending them to customers by December 2019. For the first hour after the start of the campaign, she collected 80 thousand dollars – twice as much as she asked for the development.

In April 2018, Hertz was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and was scheduled for surgery, which was performed on May 30th. The girl in the video told me that she was afraid of medical procedures, but she never stopped joking about her illness on social networks.

The operation was successful: when she awoke, Hertz compared her state with Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, and then told her the “useless fact” that steroids make auto-correction even more irritating. She called the postoperative scar “supervillainous”.

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