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Near the house of Hillary and Bill Clinton found an explosive device. Similar found in the house of Soros two days ago

Updated: Time Warner’s CNN center was evacuated in New York after finding a suspicious item in the mail. A similar parcel with an explosive device was supposed to come to the White House, but it was intercepted by the military.

Police cleared the area near the office of CNN

According to NBC, a suspicious item from CNN is like a bomb near the houses of Soros and the Clintons. The White House said they condemn “attempted violent attacks” against Obama, Clinton and others. “These are despicable terrorist acts, whose authors will be brought to justice to the fullest extent of the law,” said the press secretary of the presidential administration.

House of the Clintons in Chappakwe, in the suburbs of New York. CBS Photos

Near the house of Hillary and Bill Clinton in the suburbs of New York found an explosive device. A source in The New York Times reported that the bomb was found in a mail sent to a family of politicians. The Secret Service also confirmedthat they had intercepted a similar device sent to the house of the Obama family.

Secret Service: “Packages sent by Hillary Clinton and former President Obama“ were immediately identified during a standard mail check as potential bombs and processed ”; there was no risk that they would reach the recipients “

On October 22, a similar device was found in the mailbox near the New York house of billionaire George Soros. An employee of one of the institutions that called the police came across a bomb. The device did not work, so the sappers arrived at the controlled explosion.

NYT sources reported that an explosive device from the Soros post looked like a truncated tube, full of gunpowder and equipped with a detonator. It could cause severe injuries and even kill a person.

After the incident, armed police units deployed near the Soros company buildings and began patrolling the territories. The investigation was engaged in the antiterrorist police department of the State of New York. There is no information about who could send bombs and with what motives.

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