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In the US, a teenage girl asked how to record songs on the “pig”. On Twitter, feel old

As one question about a CD-R to drive into a midlife crisis, even those who have not yet reached middle age.

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In October, 17-year-old from Baltimore named Alyssa Lucas (Alyssa Lucas) went to a local store network electronics Best Buy. There, she accidentally overheard a conversation that “everyone used to burn discs and made music selections on CD themselves.”

Lucas was familiar with the disks before, but most of the meaningful life already spent with streaming services like Spotify. Therefore, she wondered what “burn discs” is and how the data is copied onto a CD. The girl decided to find the answers on Twitter.

“Maybe the“ generation Z ”says in me, but how do people“ burn through ”the disks? Like, how did you take a clean blank and put songs on it? ”

The tweet became viral, and Lucas received a thousand replays in response to a question. Users noted that ignorance of how to burn a CD made them feel old. However, many commentators stressed that they are not even 30 years old.

The Guardian music editor Laura Snapes also drew attention to the situation on Twitter : “This is another proof of the mortality of technology, the banal destiny of each generation – to watch their youth turn up at a dump over time.”

“So old age looks like this?”

“I was a dozen years younger when I started reading this tweet”

“I am nine million years old”

“26 years old, I feel old”

“This tweet made me feel old at 19 years old. I burned discs constantly ”
Other commentators noted that if a girl was so surprised by the recording of songs on blanks, what would happen if she showed her older ways of recording and rewinding.

“Shhhh, don’t tell her how we recorded movies from TV on VHS tapes”

“If the CD caused you such curiosity, then the relationship between the tape and the pencil will send you to the psychologist’s couch.”

Along with the jokes, Lucas also received advice on how to “burn through” the disk. Users told her about the recording features in iTunes, standard Windows software and popular third-party programs like Nero. Also, the girl was reminded that the second time to write data to a CD-R will not work anymore – you need a CD-RW.

Alissa reacted to many advices with surprise and admitted that she simply never needed this knowledge – she had an iPod since she was five years old. “I think now I can burn at least 100 discs if I want. The answers from strangers helped me a lot, ” said the girl in a conversation with Buzzfeed.

““ You simply insert an empty disc into the CD drive of a computer, and then add songs to the disc (how do you add files to the USB flash drive) ”/“ And they just download to the disc? ”

““ There used to be programs that burned the disk (I used Nero), but then everything became as with flash drives – just drag the files and they will be saved. There is another program where you set up a DVD, as if it is official – the menu, options, pictures, and so on. “/” I have never seen such a thing. “

Alyssa Lukas said to The Daily Dot that she is unlikely to use new knowledge for the intended purpose – she still likes Spotify more.

I don’t think that we should be upset or afraid of how quickly technologies change or how things we’re used to become obsolete. Because all this because of good intentions – technology can make life easier for many people.

Alyssa Lucas
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