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In Rome, at the central metro station, an escalator collapsed with fans of CSKA. There are people injured

Before the Champions League match against Roma.

At the station Repubblica in the center of Rome, an escalator collapsed while the subway passengers were driving. Among them were the Russians, including fans of football CSKA.

The video, which has spread in social networks, clearly audible Russian speech. Judging by the roller, at some point the movement of the escalator accelerated several times for unknown reasons. As a result, many passengers lost their balance, and a crowd was formed below.

The video shows a serious incident, there is also obscene language.

The publication La Repubblica confirmed the incident and reported that the station was temporarily closed. Trains pass it without stopping. Policemen and doctors arrived at the scene.

Official data on the victims yet. TASS, citing the Russian embassy, reported that 30 people were injured, among them seven are in serious condition. According to La Repubblica, about 20 people were injured, one of them lost a leg. In an unofficial twitter account of CSKA fans, five seriously injured people are reported , including those who received fractures.

What exactly caused the failure of the escalator is not yet clearly understood. According to one of the unconfirmed versions of La Repubblica, the problems could have been provoked by the CSKA fans themselves, who began to synchronously jump during the descent.

The match of the 3rd round of the Champions League group stage between the local “Roma” and CSKA Moscow will begin at 22:00 Moscow time.

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