In Moscow, a draftee banged right in his pants and burned down his iPhone

In Moscow there was an accident. 18-year-old student Maxim was unlucky, he caught fire in his pants iPhone.

Just yesterday, Maxim came to Zelenograd to his grandmother from Mitino and decided at the same time to go to the military registration and enlistment office for a summons. When he finished his business and headed for the nearest stop, the smartphone suddenly flashed right in the pocket of jeans.

The battery caught fire in the pants. She immediately broke out. I do not know how it happened. Previously, there were no failures. I drove to the house first, then I called an ambulance.

From the grandmother the guy has already been taken to the Institute of Sklifosovsky. It turned out that Maxim had not just a burn in the perineum, but also in the chest.

IPhone model is not specified. The mother of the victim claims that the device was purchased 5 months ago, [ MK ]

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