In California, the plane crashed onto the track with a Luftwaffe cross

The pilot burned his hair.

Photo @latimes

In southern California, a single-engine aircraft with a Luftwaffe cross crashed onto Highway 101, the CBS reported . On board was only a pilot, he was not injured, but his hair was inflamed .

As noted by the publication, the cars that were on the highway did not suffer during the crash. To eliminate the consequences of the accident, it was necessary to close both lanes.

The plane belongs to the company Condor Squadron, which restores the aircraft of the Second World War. The head of the company, Chris Rushing, said that the pilot had done an “excellent job” by landing the plane and not damaging the cars on the highway.

The name of the pilot on board has not yet been named. According to Rushing, he works at Alaska Airlines and performed a training flight. What caused the crash is unknown.

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