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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sent packages with bombs. What is known about it

All explosive devices sent by mail. Nobody knows the motives.

Police near Time Warner Center in New York. Reuters Photos

In the US, unknown persons sent out packages of explosives by mail. Suspicious parcels sent at least Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, to Time Warner Center, headquartered on CNN, in the office of a Democrat politician and Governor of New York.

No one was injured by explosive devices, the police began an investigation. “What we saw today is an attempt at a terrorist act through undermining the principles of press freedom and violence against the leaders of our country,” said New York Mayor Bill De Blasio. A spokeswoman for the White House, Sarah Sanders, also described the incident as terrorist acts.

Who sent the parcels and how they were found

On the evening of October 23 local time, an explosive device was found near a house in Westchester County in the suburbs of New York. The former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, live there. A parcel with a bomb was discovered by an employee sorting mail. It was intended Hillary Clinton.

The police at the home of Hillary Clinton. Reuters Photos
On the morning of October 24, the US Secret Service revealed a similar explosive device sent to a house in Washington. The former US President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and their children live there. Bomb also found when checking mail. According to the Secret Service, neither Obama nor Clinton approached the premise and did not risk their lives.

Another bomb was sent to the Time Warner Center in New York, where the editorial staff of CNN is located. The package was intended for former CIA director John Brennan, who speaks on the TV channel as a political expert. The building, like the streets and subway stations near it, was evacuated.

Even after the discovery of an explosive device, CNN did not stop work. After the advertisement, a reporter appeared on the air, who explained the situation to the audience, and then the correspondents of the TV channel came out with the latest news from the street near the editorial office – shooting themselves, including on smartphones. The traditional morning news release, as usual, came from Atlanta. Dozens of CNN employees temporarily worked from hotel lobbies and restaurants, others benefited from the help offered by the competitor channel CBS News.

Evacuated street near the building where CNN is located

Against this background, the office of a member of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was evacuated in Florida due to a suspicious package. For the same reason, people were taken out of the building in San Diego, where the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper office and the office of Senator Kamala Harris are located. A package with a suspicious item was received in the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Suspicious package in San Diego

CNN reported on another suspicious package, which was sent to a military base, where they sorted mail for the White House. According to the newspaper, it was intercepted by the security service. However, later the Secret Service did not confirm this information, calling it “incorrect.”

On October 22, a bomb was sent to billionaire George Soros. She was discovered by a resident employee who also checked mail.

What is not yet known

The US Secret Service has not yet reported preliminary results of the investigation. The motives of the person (or people) who sent the explosive devices are unknown. Officials refrain from assumptions about the personality that may be behind this. Details of the devices bombs – for example, the power and method of activation – were not disclosed.

Clinton, Obama, Harris and Schulz represent the Democratic Party, CNN got thenickname of one of the “enemies of the people” from Donald Trump. Soros provided financial support to the Democratic Party. Whether this is related to the motives of the criminals is also not yet clear.

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