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Hacker attack on Yahoo in 2013 affected absolutely all users

This is comparable to the total audience of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The cyber attack on Yahoo services in 2013 was the largest in history: 3 billion users suffered from it. Previously, the company, now calling itself Oath / Verizon, recognized data leakage from only a billion people.

The data came to light during the study, which was conducted by the new owners after the takeover. “On the basis of testing with third-party cyber security experts, we learned that all users of our services suffered from the 2013 attack,” explained Oath / Verizon.

The company asked users to change passwords and assured that they had taken all measures to improve the quality of user protection. Hackers, according to the former Yahoo, stole passwords, email addresses and dates of birth, but did not get access to credit card numbers and addresses.

CNET advised Yahoo users to protect themselves from intruders, just in case. Change the password to a more complex one that has not been used anywhere, come up with a new security question, enable two-step authentication and not delete the account in the near future.

Yahoo office. Photo by David Ramos, Bloomberg

In December 2016, Yahoo admitted leaking a billion passwords and secret questions three years ago. In September of the same year, the company uncovered a data leak of only 500 million people, although the top bracket was 1.5 billion users by the standards of the media.

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