British police explained that the actor from Friends was not stealing beer. Fans recognized him from photos from surveillance cameras.

“Leave Ross alone.”

Thief from a surveillance camera / actor David Schwimmer

British police Blackpool declared wanted by the man who had taken out of the grocery store a box of beer. In the comments under the post on Facebook camehundreds of fans of the series “Friends”, who learned in the suspect 51-year-old actor David Schwimmer, who played Ross.

The police record appeared on October 23 — just a day later there were over 100 thousand comments under it. Users began to joke about what they had learned in a tall, dark-haired man of one of the main characters of Friends.

This is not Ross. This is Russ. He tries to substitute Ross to get Rachel back.

Rachel louise hutchinson

Just checked IMDB, and the actor is busy “shooting” a movie called “Laundry”. I’m afraid I can not find a place where they are shooting.

Alexandra Grannell

For Ross, difficult times came after the “Friends” ended.

This is the series in which Ross became a thief.

Tariq kulkhan

Leave him alone! He grew up with Monica. If he did not eat quickly, he would not eat at all.

Louise lewis

Due to the high activity of fans of the show, Blackpool police released a statement saying that they did not suspect David Schwimmer of stealing beer. Representatives of the 51-year-old actor did not comment on the situation.

Thank you all for the prompt response. We have carefully studied this issue and confirmed that David Schwimmer was in America at that date. We are sorry that it turned out that way.

blackpool police
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