Apple promised to fix the “improvement” of faces on the iPhone XS Self-Camera in iOS 12.1

“Beautygate” turned out to be a system bug, not a “feature”.

Ekaterina Suslova, sales manager of the “Committee”. On the left – the photo on the iPhone X, on the right – the photo on the iPhone XS (in this case, Max, but it doesn’t matter).

Apple said that in iOS 12.1 it would solve the problem with the bug leading to the “improvement” of people on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR selfie cameras. Representatives of the company told The Verge about this while recording a review on the iPhone XR.

The journalists were told that the problem was the Smart-HDR system . Thanks to her, new iPhones take 9 shots at a time with different exposures and combine them into one.

As explained at Apple, in the case of selfies, the system did not work correctly and did not select the best shot as the basis of the photo. For example, instead of choosing a picture with a short shutter speed to save details, the iPhone chose a photo with a long shutter speed.

In addition, due to the lack of optical stabilization, on the front camera of the iPhone XS, the pictures are more blurry than the back camera, even if the exposure is the same. The result was a loss of detail and a “beauty filter” effect on the selfie camera.

In iOS 12.1, the company made changes to the principle of choosing selfie-pictures for Smart-HDR. Now the smartphone should choose the most grainy and clear picture of all as the basis of the image. At the time of this writing, the fifth beta version of iOS 12.1 has been released, the official release of the update should occur within a few weeks.

At the end of September 2018, users and profile media complained about smoothing the face skin on selfies made on iPhone XS. In the press, the problem was called “beautygate”, Apple did not officially comment on it. Many users have decided that this is some kind of function of new iPhones, which the company forgot to tell about.

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