Photo: The longest sea bridge in the world, open in China

Driving through it is not so easy: there are restrictions.

In the Chinese city of Zhuhai in Guangdong, they opened the world’s longest bridge across the sea. The ceremony was attended by the head of the country Xi Jinping.

The length of the object was 55 kilometers. The design also included a 6.7 km long underwater tunnel.

The bridge connected Zhuhai (Mainland China) with other key economic cities in the south of the country – Hong Kong and Macau. If earlier the journey from Zhuhai to Hong Kong lasted four hours, now it has been reduced to half an hour.

For drivers, the bridge will open on October 24th. True, it will not be possible just to drive through it: private car owners will have to get permission and pay at the rate. Public transport on the bridge does not go: only shuttles cost about 520-650 rubles for a trip in one direction.

To build the bridge spent 20 billion dollars. During its construction 400 thousand tons of steel were used – that would be enough for the construction of 60 Eiffel towers. The design is designed to withstand powerful earthquakes and typhoons.

The bridge began to be built in 2009 and should have been completed in 2016, but the completion was postponed several times, including due to accidents. During this time , at least nine workers died , hundreds received various injuries.

The new bridge has become the sixth longest bridge in the world. Leadership keeps Danyang-Kunshanskiy viaduct – a railway bridge in China with a length of 164.8 kilometers.

Tunnel under the bridge during construction. Photo “Xinhua”
Bridge during construction. Photo “Xinhua”
Photo “Xinhua”
Photos of People’s Daily China
Photos of People’s Daily China
Photo CGTN
Photo CGTN
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