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In St. Petersburg, they sanctified the temple with a high relief of a local businessman, depicted at the time of the transfer of the church to Christ

Not only the businessman himself, but also his family members got into the sculptural image.

Photos of the reader “Fontanka”

In the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, they consecrated and opened for the parishioners a temple in honor of the Exaltation of the honest and life-giving cross of the Lord. Near the entrance to the temple is a high relief depicting the family of the President of the Etalon-LenSpetsSMU Group of Companies Vyacheslav Zarenkov, who sponsored the construction of the church.

A year earlier, Zarenkov acted as a patron of the construction of another temple, located in Cyprus near Nicosia. Instead of a high relief, there is an icon in it, which also depicts Zarenkov and his family, transmitting the church church.

Photo “DP”

A particle of the Cross of the Lord is kept in the Cypriot church, its fragment was transferred as a gift to a new church in Petersburg.

According to Fontanka, Vyacheslav Zarenkov is well known in the city as a philanthropist helping writers, artists and musicians. He himself also writes books.

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