Samsung smartphone with a camera under the screen allegedly confirmed at the presentation

Samsung is developing a technology that allows cameras to be installed under the display. This last week was reported by insiders, and now Samsung itself has confirmed the information. As part of the last presentation at the annual OLED Forum, a slide was shown, which was devoted to UPS Technology – Under Panel Sensor.

She is supposed to be responsible for the work of the “subscreen” camera. However, not everyone agrees with the statements, since we can talk about other sensors – approximation, illumination and so on. In one of the branches of the forum XDA Developers is a hot discussion about UPS. It suggests that Samsung could make the screen with a variable degree of transparency and it is under it that you can place the front camera.

Other technologies were discussed at the presentation, including “scanner in the screen”, “feedback in the screen” and “sound through the screen”. Not all of them are implemented in Samsung smartphones, so it’s probably premature to talk about the imminent appearance of a photo module built into the display.

Recall that in early 2018, the Korean company has already patented a smartphone with a camera built into the display.

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