Samsung has patented a company with a “mono-brow”

In one of the patent applications Samsung showed up an unusual smartphone. He is interested in two things. First, in the upper area of ​​the screen there is a “monobrow” – and the South Korean company avoided such decisions. Secondly, the fingerprint scanner built into the display detects “fingers” in any area.

It is noted that the fingerprint sensor will work on a separate processor with low power consumption. Scanning is planned three times. Recognizing the touch, the smartphone will unscrew the brightness of the display for better recognition of the print.

Judging by the concept, “monobrow” is needed only for the front camera. A similar solution is used in the Essential Phone and a number of other devices.

Also, sources do not exclude the appearance of a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen in future flagships – the Galaxy S10 lineup.

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