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Making the world remember the Holocaust and at the same time organize the genocide of minorities. Israel’s Recipe

What is the relationship between European Israel and a state in Southeast Asia

Rohindz flee Myanmar to Bangladesh on October 10, 2017 [Stephanie Glinski / Thomson Reuters Foundation]

The Holocaust — the persecution and massacre of Jews living in Germany, on the territory of its allies and on the territories they occupied during World War II; the systematic persecution and extermination of European Jews by Nazi Germany and collaborators throughout 1933-1945. Along with the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire is one of the most famous examples of genocide in the XX century


Israel does not owe its existence to the genocide of the Jews during World War II, but without a doubt, the Holocaust played a significant role in accelerating the creation of a Zionist state. The world had a rough idea of ​​what Adolf Hitler was planning for the Jews of Europe when he came to power in 1933. Admittedly, few thought that he would actually destroy six million people, although the fact that European Jews fled from their homes during this decade was an indication of their very real and justifiable fears.

The Central British Foundation for German Jewry was created in the 1930s to help Jews living in Germany and Austria. It was through this fund that about 10,000 Jewish children safely arrived in the UK under the Kindertransport program and were saved from the Nazis, unlike the parents they left, most of whom did not survive the Holocaust.

Operation Kindertransport is a rescue operation that took place 9 months before the start of the Second World War. Its essence was to transport and accommodate children in Great Britain who, on the basis of the Nuremberg racial laws , were recognized by Jews from Nazi Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and the free city of Danzig. The UK has hosted almost 10,000 young refugees. They were settled in foster homes, hostels and farms of the country. Most of the children survived the war, but only very few were reunited with their parents, since often these children were the only survivors of their families killed in the Holocaust.

The World Jewish Aid Organization (then known as the Central British Foundation for German Jews) played a decisive role in the implementation of the Kindertransport program. Records of each child arriving in the UK through Kindertransport are kept in its archives to this day.


Hitler demonized the Jews as scapegoats for the economic problems of Germany. They were considered the “inferior” race, and an industrial massacre, known to us as the Holocaust, was intended to save Europe, which the Nazi dictator intended to conquer.

The horrors of the Holocaust shocked generations of people around the world. Hollywood was called to tell stories of cruelty, courage, heroism and disobedience so that the world could not forget what happened in Europe between 1939 and 1945. The world cannot afford to forget what can happen when the apparatus of an industrialized state is used to destroy a minority group solely because of their faith, color or ethnicity.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we have forgotten this and above all, who suffer from this widespread amnesia, is the government of Israel and those who finance the mechanism of the State of Israel. The incredible reality is that what happened to European Jews during World War II has a strange resemblance to what happens to the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, the former Burma, where Israel supports the Myanmar army.

Stripping in Myanmar

Rohindzha is an ethnic group that lives compactly in the state of Rakhine (another name is Arakan) in Myanmar, they speak the Indo-European language Rohingya. Rohindz considered themselves indigenous to the territory of the modern Myanmar state of Rakhine, although most historians believe that the Rohingya migrated to Myanmar during British rule and, to a lesser extent, after Burma’s independence and the 1971 war of independence for Bangladesh. The Myanmar government denies them citizenship, calling it illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Rohingya is Muslim. According to the UN, they are one of the most persecuted national minorities in the world.

The commander-in-chief of the Myanmar Armed Forces, Min Aung Hlein, met with the head of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

Planning a genocide against the Rohingya people, Min Aung Hlein, a senior general in the army of Myanmar, visited the Holocaust memorial and museum of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, as well as military bases and weapons manufacturers. The Zionist state has a long history of selling weapons to dubious military regimes, such as the de facto government in Myanmar. Military cooperation between Israel and Myanmar has been going on for over six decades. However, so far no one in the international community has dared to publicly accuse Israel of involvement in human rights violations in other countries when its weapons are used to oppress civilians around the world.

Although Israel has legislation on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, it is unlikely that the courts will accuse him of complicity in the genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar. It is even less likely that the UN will act, given that it took a year for the international organization to recognize that the genocide actually took place.

During his trip to Israel in 2015, Min Aung Hlein met with senior Israeli officers and President Reuven Rivlin during a visit to secret military bases and state-owned weapons manufacturers. Shortly after he passed the red carpet, he announced that Myanmar would spend tens of millions of dollars on weapons produced by Israel. The following year, senior members of the Israeli military defense group visited Myanmar, which they reported on in their groups on Facebook. Ironically, the only company that has yet taken action against the general and Myanmar is the social networking giant Facebook, which has blocked the most senior military officer . Platform Fights Hate Propaganda and fake messages with approvals of the actions of the Government of Myanmar as a whole, removing and blocking access to illegal content, including photos and videos

Rohingya refugees took shelter from heavy rain after crossing the border with Bangladesh. Photo: Mohammad Hossein Ponir / Reuters

In August 2017, when the press campaign was gaining momentum, Israel refused to stop supplying weapons to Myanmar. This looked like a very strange step against the background of the US actions that imposed an arms embargo, referring to the international law “On Freedom of Religion” and the European Union, which imposed an embargo on the sale of “equipment that can be used for internal repression”. Human rights activists also found evidence that the forces of the security company TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS LTD , the founders of which are graduates of the Tsakhalacademy of the General Staff of Israel, carried out training for the soldiers of the Myanmar army

Israel is not involved in the Rakhine tragedy in Myanmar. The policy of control over the export of goods in the field of security of Israel is often considered taking into account various considerations, including the situation of human rights in the country of destination, as well as the policies of the UN Security Council and other international organizations, quoted by the Independent

official statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Meanwhile, the continuing plight of more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees stuck in crowded camps in neighboring Bangladesh since last August continues to be troubling in UN circles. The organization officially acknowledged that a large number of Rohingya’s Myanmar population fled to avoid a brutal campaign of massacre, rape, and the burning of villages by Myanmar soldiers, the next step for the UN could include legal action. Zeid Raad Al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who resigned some time ago, described the attack on the Rohingya as a textbook of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

He launched a fierce attack on Myanmar’s attempts to whitewash events that began last August. He also questions the sincerity of the government regarding repatriation, since no refugee has returned to his former home. In a farewell message before the resignation from the UN, Al-Hussein called for the creation of an independent international unit to use evidence gathered by the United Nations fact-finding team to investigate the criminal responsibility of those involved in this campaign.

Myanmar has a model for whitening a situation. There is every reason to believe that another internal investigation will again try to whitewash the terrible crimes that have occurred, laying the foundation for a new wave of violence in the future. Myanmar must understand that the international community will not forget the ugliness committed against Rohingya will not free politicians who are trying to hide it.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein
former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The UN and the situation in Myanmar

A published UN report confirmed that the Myanmar military committed genocide against the Rohingya, as well as crimes against humanity. These include the rape and torture of men, women and children, as well as the destruction of entire villages from November 2016 to August 2017, when 725,000 Rohingya fled to neighboring Bangladesh.

Myanmar Army accused of systematic ethnic cleansing

Any interaction in any form with the Tatmandau, its current management and its business is unwarranted.

quote from the UN report

The Myanmar government denied UN investigators access to Myanmar, but they interviewed 875 witnesses who fled the country. They found that the military “indiscriminately killed women, raped them with gangs, attacked children and burned entire villages” in Rakhine, where Rohingya Muslims lived, as well as in Shan and Kachin. The Tatmadaw (Myanmar Armed Forces) also committed murders, imprisoned, abducted, tortured, raped, and used sexual slavery and other forms of sexual violence, harassment and enslavement, which are crimes against humanity. This led to the prosecution of leading figures in the Myanmar army, including many top generals, in the International Criminal Court.

The powerful report of the fact-finding mission and clear recommendations demonstrate the obvious need for concrete steps to advance criminal justice for atrocious crimes, instead of more hollow convictions and expressions of concern. This report should remove any doubts about the urgency of investigating the crimes of those responsible for the mass atrocities.

Brad adams
Director of the Asian Center for Human Rights Watch

It is deeply disturbing to read the UN report on crimes against the Rohingya people. There should never be a refuge for those who commit such atrocities. We decided to visit Burma to find answers as soon as possible.

In April 2018, a UN Security Council delegation arrived in Bangladesh as part of a trip to hear first-hand the history of Rohingya refugees who had been subjected to a campaign of violence, rape and arson at the hands of Myanmar military since August 2017. By that time, the UN had already condemned violence as an ethnic cleansing that shows signs of genocide, but this visit by the Security Council was of great importance. The Council has the right to transfer cases to an international criminal court and deploy peacekeepers.

Perhaps the UN would be better able to investigate the cases of those who supplied weapons to the regime in the first place, thereby cutting off the supply of weapons to Myanmar and sending a strong signal to those who could think of selling weapons to regimes that use it to oppress their own people. The sad state of affairs when a regime like Myanmar is doing nothing, which denies and does not show any concern about the UN accusation of genocide, while Israel orders to silence discussions on the sale of weapons to generals in the former Burma .

Genocide is the most serious accusation that can be brought against the government and is rarely offered by UN investigators.

The fact that the report contains enough evidence to justify the investigation and prosecution of top commanders in the Myanmar armed forces is a strong accusation that cannot be ignored by members of the international community.

However, it is difficult to imagine Myanmar before the ICC, as recommended in the report. She did not sign the Rome Statute, according to which the court was established, so the transfer of the case to the ICC will require the support of the five permanent members of the Security Council, and China is unlikely to agree to this.

Instead, the report proposes the creation of a UN special independent body, as happened with Syria, to conduct an inquiry in support of war crimes and prosecution for genocide, quoted by the BBC

Jonathan head
BBC correspondent in Southeast Asia

Already in September, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced that she was launching a preliminary investigation into the deportation of hundreds of thousands from Myanmar to Bangladesh. This statement came less than two weeks after the ICC judges gave her permission to investigate the deportation, despite the fact that Myanmar is not a member of the court

In their historic decision, the judges stated that since part of the alleged crime occurred in Bangladesh, which is a member of the court, the court has all the necessary jurisdiction.

There are many Holocaust memorials and museums around the world, so that we all can remember and honor the victims of the racist Nazi ideology. With the Israeli genocidal ethnic cleansing of Palestine, when more than 530 Palestinian cities and villages were wiped off the face of the earth since 1948, it seems that it was Israel who were the first to forget about the Holocaust, arming Myanmar’s military as well as controlling the “slow genocide” of Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip. The military regime in Myanmar can still ignore the UN charges. This is the reality of today’s world, especially where Israel is involved, in dubious arms deals or anything else.

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