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Bloomberg: WhatsApp has blocked more than 100 thousand users in connection with the elections in Brazil

The country is fighting to spread false information before the presidential elections.

As part of the initiative, which takes place in the “war room” of Facebook , the messenger has blocked hundreds of thousands of users in Brazil who spread spam and misinformation, reports Bloomberg . Unlike the main social network, the content of which Facebook somehow controls, the distribution of information in the messenger is almost impossible to monitor without the efforts of the company, including due to encryption.

Presidential elections will begin in Brazil on October 28: ultra-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro will face representatives of the left-wing “Workers Party” Fernando Haddad. According to the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, large companies order an attack in social networks and instant messengers on Haddad. Facebook says that they have already blocked several such mass mailings through WhatsApp.

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