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A presidential candidate of Georgia distributed “shoals” at a festival in the center of Tbilisi. He was detained by the police

In this way, the politician decided to deal with conflicts in legislation. Smoking marijuana in Georgia is already allowed, but it is not allowed to distribute, acquire and store.

Presidential Candidate of Georgia Zurab Japaridze

“Dadaena” park in the center of Tbilisi was cordoned off by police in the morning of October 19, since the “Cannabis Festival”, initiated by the Girchi party, was planned there. Despite the cordon, there were several hundred supporters of the full legalization of cannabis in Georgia.

The leaders of the Girchi party celebrated their victory on July 30, when the Constitutional Court of Georgia granted their claim and abolished the only remaining penalty at the time for using marijuana – an administrative fine.

The logo of the party “Girchi”

What I will do now is an action that in this country is punishable. I was going to do something else, but we do not have the technical ability to do what I had planned. This is the minimum that I can do. In this country there must be a legal way for me to get marijuana, since the Constitutional Court said that this is my right. But they don’t give me that right.


Zurab Japaridze
presidential candidate of Georgia

Despite the fact that the court legalized smoking cannabis in Georgia, the authorities decided to impose restrictions. The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has already developed a bill according to which it will be possible to smoke marijuana legally only indoors at home, where there will be no minors.

I have a joint in my pocket, and now I will give it. This is a drug sale, and I’m waiting for the police to do it.

Zurab Japaridze
Presidential candidate

After the Georgian presidential candidate made a statement, he distributed some roll-ups to the people next to him, made a few more comments, and he was detained by the police. The whole process was accompanied by whistling and chanting “Djapar”

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