Why does the iPhone start to slow down while recording the screen?

I am trying to record what is happening on the screen of the smartphone, but after starting the recording, the device starts to slow down a lot. What to do? 
– Konstantin

Hello, Constantine.

First , check the free space on your smartphone. Follow the path Settings – Basic – iPhone Storage and see how much space is left on the device.

During recording, the iPhone actively interacts with the drive and, if it currently has less than 1-2 GB of free space, lags and freezes are possible.

Second , restart your smartphone before recording. This will help ensure that other applications are running that can run in the background and consume system resources.

You can not restart the smartphone, and complete all the programs from the multitasking panel.

Third , you can turn off visual effects to free up system resources . Turning the switches on the way Settings – Basic – Universal access – Reducing movement and Settings – Basic – Universal access – Reducing transparency .

Fourth , do not turn on power saving mode while recording a screen. In this mode, the performance of the iPhone is reduced and it can slow down even in normal tasks during screen recording.

Fifth , the performance of the old iPhone models may be trivially lacking for simultaneously drawing graphics in games and recording what is happening on the screen. For example, iPhone 6 Plus and so in the latest versions of the system works at the limit of possibilities, and the screen recording will lead to lags and slowdowns.

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