The App Store has an app for creating Apple Watch dials.

The thing that annoys me wildly in Apple Watch is the limited number of dials.

All customization is reduced to the ability to set a custom picture in full screen. But with proper ingenuity, and from this you can skretivit a lot.

The developers used this loophole and figured out how to diversify the screen a bit and personalize their Apple Watch.

This life hack as an application can be downloaded from the App Store.

How to create your own watch face for Apple Watch?

As we know, we can set as wallpaper for Apple Watch any suitable size image. The Watchimise developers offer a large selection of icons that are set as the title image.

The idea is simple, but the execution and capabilities of the application make it really interesting.

The Watchimise app includes the following theme packs: Starter, Gaming, Cartoon, Tech, Food, Border, Sports, Vehicles. Everyone will find a suitable.

Perform simple steps:

  • Choose your favorite picture
  • We color it in the desired color.
  • Save in the photo gallery
  • Go to the corporate application and set the saved image for the dial “Photo”

In addition, you can customize the location and additional information modules. This allows you to make interesting design options: it all depends on your imagination and the needs of displaying specific information on the clock display.

Thanks, Apple, that we have to get out.

Download in the App Store: for free . Pack costs 149 rubles.

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