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The inventor of “Docks 2” promised to calculate by IP and put offended gamers. But the game is going to release

It is not clear whether it will be possible to take out the guts out there.

One of the fan concepts of the future game

Philip Gross-Dneprov, famous for his anti-gamer’s conclusions about the preferences of the 18-year-old shooter from Kerch and the “invention” of the Doka 2 game, which the student allegedly played, promised to punish everyone who insulted him on Twitter. Gross-Dneprov does not mention other platforms: apparently, in his opinion, the gaming get-together formed on the microblogging service.

At the same time, Gross Dnipro, it seems, was seriously puzzled by the creation of the game “Doka 2”.

Despite the fact that the survey results are still leaning in favor of the option “Do not create Philip’s games!”, Gross-Dneprov said that he would immediately start learning game design. It is not yet clear what the game will be about – the information about the title does not even reach the level of the announcement of the fourth “Corsairs” .

At least, Gross-Dnipro has already acquired the domain He bought it from the Russian-speaking animesman under the nickname Jeshi, who registeredhim on the HYIP wave on October 18 (the domain is still redirected to his personal website). How much Gross Dnipro paid for the domain, which (if it were hurried) could register for itself for 500 rubles, is not yet known.

It is not yet known whether the future game designer will have plans to launch the third part of the acclaimed game, but the domain is already taken. He, judging by whois , was registered back in 2015 on an unknown Brazilian named Brunno, but the site at this address does not work.

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