The first reviews and impressions of the iPhone Xr

Together with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, Apple announced a more affordable iPhone Xr . And, interestingly, there are so many functions of flagship smartphones that the device was called “the best-selling iPhone of this year” in absentia. In the end, the price decides.

The difference between the basic versions of the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr is really impressive. Like it or not, but Xr to 23 thousand rubles. cheaper. In addition, Apple was pleased with the pricing policy on the iPhone Xr: the difference between 64 and 128 GB versions is only 4 thousand rubles .

we have become accustomed to the large range of prices for Apple smartphones. Each version with double the memory capacity is much more expensive than the younger model.

Comparative prices for current smartphones:

• iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB – 59 990 rub. 
• iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB – 72 990 rub.

• iPhone Xs 64 GB – 87 990 руб. 
• iPhone Xs 256 GB – 100 990 руб.

• iPhone Xs Max 64 GB – 96 990 руб. 
• iPhone Xs Max 256 GB – 109 990 руб.

It turns out that the average difference between smartphones with memory is 4 times more than 10-15 thousand rubles. Therefore, in order not to go broke, you will have to endure a measly 64 GB.

But at the same time, the day after tomorrow, pre-order for a budget iPhone Xr will open. Check out how much it costs:

• iPhone Xr 64 GB – 64 990 руб. 
• iPhone Xr 128 GB – 68 990 руб.

Here, the difference between the basic models is only 4 thousand rubles.

It turns out that there are all reasons to take a cheap Apple smartphone. And you will not have to endure 64 GB, but you can upgrade to the 128-gig version, while throwing everything up-nothing.

Reducing the cost, Apple was forced to make a number of compromises. And since the iPhone Xr is positioned rather as a state employee, it did not get the OLED-matrix, dual camera and some of the “big brothers” chips. True, everything is not so bad.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the novelty, let’s try to figure out, looking at the first impressions and reviews of foreign publications, which a couple of hours ago were allowed to publish text and video materials on the iPhone Xr.

1. Mashable

iPhone Xr got almost all the same chips as the top Apple smartphones. The difference in display, form factor and, of course, price . And, not least, the novelty is presented in several colors.

Despite the fact that the iPhone Xr has a single main camera, it shoots very well. Perhaps this is due to the powerful A12 Bionic processor (as in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max), which is actively using artificial intelligence to post-process images.

In adjusting the image with a full-time editor, you can change the depth of field of the image — this is one of the most praised features that Apple talked about so much in the presentation. And the iPhone Xr got it.

The Xr display is different from any iPhone that has been introduced to date. It feels like the display of an iPhone X or iPhone Xs. And although the resolution of the 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display is only 1792 x 828 pixels (that is, not even Full HD ), it shows a clear and rich picture.

Very pleased with the palette of colors. Six different colors at once – we have not seen such diversity since the days of the iPhone 5c.

Summing up, I would like to note that the iPhone Xr has received surprisingly a lot of features of the older iPhone Xs. If the main criterion when buying for you is the main camera – the presence of a telephoto lens in the iPhone Xs, of course, will be prior.

The rest of the iPhone Xr is not much inferior to the flagship Xs and Xs Max.


The first thing that impressed and frankly pleased me was the range of colors in which the iPhone Xr is presented. Choose from white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red (Product RED). At the same time there is a clear gradation that the Xr is a smartphone with less pragmatic and strict shades, like “space gray” and gray. Simply put – a smartphone to lift the mood.

The metal frame is pleasantly felt in the hands and the way Apple combined it with the glass cover. The transition between the two materials is almost not noticeable.

Although the iPhone Xr has an LCD display, it feels about the same as the iPhone X display. The frames around the Xr display are slightly thicker. And in the hand, it is less compact than the “ten.” The size of the Xr is closer even to the iPhone Xs Max.

Comparing with other iPhones, I can say with certainty that now you will definitely not think about buying an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Like the flagship OLED iPhones, the Xr has a notch with all the necessary sensors for scanning the face and running the Face ID function .

On the main camera – it is single. But there is a function of portrait shooting . And at the main, and at the selfie camera. And this is something for which it is worth thinking about buying this particular model. The main camera also has a post-processing depth of field.

Why choose iPhone Xr instead of Xs? I will mention a few reasons. First, the price: Xr is significantly cheaper. Secondly, it has almost all the same functions as the iPhone Xs, including camera effects.

Yes, you will not get a 3D Touch , but for me personally it means a bit. In addition, there is Taptic Feedback, and this function fulfills itself 100%.

3. Tyler Stalman

On the day of the announcement of the iPhone Xr, I was convinced in absentia: “This smartphone can be called one of the best in the Apple line. Potential bestseller! ”It’s no joke, you get everything that is in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, but for a significantly smaller amount.

I had about an hour to get acquainted with the new smartphone. I’ll tell you about those minimal changes between the flagship couple and the available Xr.

Detail and contrast of the display at the proper level. Despite the low resolution (when compared to Xs and Xs Max), it is impossible to consider individual pixels.

Judge for yourself:

I was pleased that the iPhone Xr also has a Smart HDR function. And although I was not able to test the smartphone on the street, added to the photo gallery “Shot on iPhone Xr” is impressive.

One camera did not interfere with the creation of excellent portrait shots. Objectively, it is difficult to say, but at first glance there is no feeling that Xr removes worse than Xs or Xs Max . Selfie camera significantly improved and now takes well in low light conditions.

It seems to me that few users will be able to notice the difference between the OLED display of the iPhone Xs and the Liquid Display (in fact, an improved LCD) in the iPhone Xr. Yes, OLED matrices have more saturated black, but no more.

The undoubted advantage of the iPhone Xr can be called increased by 1.5 hours battery lifecompared with the iPhone 8 Plus. And this with a 6.1-inch display.

If you briefly describe the difference in the cameras of the more expensive iPhone X and iPhone Xr, then it consists only in the absence of the last telephoto sensor. And that’s all.

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