Samsung will release a smartphone with a camera under the screen.

Where only manufacturers try to stuff this long-suffering camera for selfies. The most inventive is the company Vivo, which placed the camera in the outgoing tray, which made it possible to abandon the cut in the upper part of the screen. Samsung is going to go further and hide this camera under the surface of the screen, so that it is completely invisible to the user.

According to Twitter insiders , the company is already working on a new technology. In the depths of Samsung, several prototypes with a screen and a camera built on this technology are already ready. True, it is suggested that the first commercial implementation of such a phone we will not see before 2020.

On the other hand, the head of the mobile division of Samsung promised that the next smartphone, the Galaxy S10, will receive a significant change in design. Who knows what is stored in the depths of Korean R & D.

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