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PlayStation recreates a meme with doubles from an old animated series about Spider-Man

It turned out pretty accurate.

On Twitter, PlayStation announced the release of a new patch for the game Marvel’s Spider-Man, and at the same time published a picture of Spider-Man and his counterpart. She almost completely copies the scene from the superhero cartoon series, coming out in the late 1960s.

In the variation from the PlayStation, many details are recreated – right up to the movements of the characters, the car on the left with the tailgate open and the wooden boxes on the right.

Scene-meme from the animated series 1967-1970

The original meme is called Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man (“Spiderman points to Spiderman”). In episode 36 of an old TV show in New York, a jewel thief appears who carefully copies Peter Parker and wears a superhero costume. The scene of their meeting (at 8:00 in the video below) just became a meme.

The same series, which can be viewed only by going to YouTube

There is no hidden meaning in the meme – it is just needed if you want to show a meeting, a dispute or an opposition of very similar people. Or not people, but companies or phenomena.

PlayStation is not the first time recreating scenes from the classic animated series, which sold out on memes. True, another time the company added a lot of parts that are not in the original.

PlayStation version
Unique original
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