How to pump Do not disturb mode in iOS 12

Mode DND appeared in iOS more than five years ago, but many people still ignore this useful feature.

During the activation of this mode, the smartphone stops receiving notifications from all users (or skip favorite contacts), thereby allowing the owner to relax or concentrate on an important matter.

For iOS 12, the mode was overgrown with features and settings, but it never began to be popular with users.


With the advent of automation teams, things can change.

How to pump Do not disturb


1. Download the App Commands application from the App Store , if you have not already done so.

2. Add a new command by reference .

3. Edit the command and save it.

What can this team

After adding the script in the widget of the Commands application, a separate button appears for activation.

After clicking the user sees the action menu, from which you can activate Do Not Disturb for a specified period of time .

The mode can work for an hour, 30 or 10 minutes or until the specified time. You can even specify the time of the termination of the voice mode.

After a little digging in the parameters, you can remove unnecessary options or change the time intervals.


So everyone can add typical intervals to turn on the mode, for example, during a lecture, meeting, or other important matter.

You can activate a command directly from the lock screen or even specify a special Siri command.

After a set period of time, Do Not Disturb will turn off automatically ! This is much more convenient than manual disconnection or geolocation bindings.

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