Found secret innovation iPhone Xs

Apple still improved the body of new smartphones. True, I decided not to report this during the presentation.

As it turned out, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max slip less in the hands of the owners. Most likely, this is due to the new way of processing steel frames.

Outwardly, the difference can not be seen, but to the touch … Tactile frameworks are felt differently. Fingers to them literally stick. At the same time, the iPhone X slides tightly in the hands.

And this is not an empty chatter . We personally compared several iPhone Xs and iPhone X. The difference was noticeable at the first touch. It would seem that this might have seemed to one person, but this was noted by the entire editorial board.

Consequently, it has become harder to drop new items, they simply do not want to fall out of even the weakest grip.

Do not believe? Check for yourself. I guarantee that you will notice the difference literally right away.

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