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Call of the Puba. Review of the inferior shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

New Call of Duty waited by many. Yes, it can be argued that it is “nobody needs”, “Battlefield is our all” and so on, but the official sales statistics scream with a foul language: “This is not true!”  Black Ops 4 game became the largest digital release of Activision (the publisher was quick to inform after the first day of sales), a PlayStation bestseller, and set other records, including sales of physical copies, which has been held since the release of Modern Warfare 3.

In all this information just tons of marketing, although in the first three days the project brought the publisher half a billion dollars. For comparison, last year’s Call of Duty: WWII earned a billion dollars in just one month. What is the secret of the “code”, which is so “bad” but earns more “good” games? Maybe a significant part of the audience buys new projects from the habit? Or is this all the fault of the “embedded” PUBG?

The game Black Ops 4 violated one of the main traditions of the franchise – abandoned the single-player campaign, which caused a wave of criticism. Yes, this campaign is not so popular among modern gamers (it must be admitted that there was a similar situation in the past), but it was considered an integral part of the series. Eight-hour prehistory made Call of Duty more attractive and filled with meaning. The peak of mastery of scriptwriters and other gamedev professionals came in the Modern Warfare sub-series, which changed the perception of the franchise as a whole. The project has played into her hands, while setting the bar too high.

The sub-series Black Ops also gained a massive audience, becoming popular among Call of Duty fans. The next “episode” with the designation Black Ops IIII (looks like a stylized shield) was supposed to be a new link in a successful undertaking.

There are several official and not very explanations of why Activision refused a single. One of them is supposedly for a pause before the release in 2019 of something that will cause cries of delight from a dedicated audience. In the meantime, you can relax and please the “coders” with a “hodgepodge”, which includes all the most fashionable and popular ones. First of all, of course, your PUBG aka “Eclipse”. Well, in addition to it – “normal” multiplayer with a large set of modes, as well as races in the “Zombies”. Almost “classic” (he first appeared in World at War), fans are excited, but the shooting range with strong but stupid ghouls quickly bored.

It’s a shame for the country, of course, but Eclipse was the driver of the popularity of Black Ops 4 among the Western press, it is this mode that leads the game to the top of the charts. Treyarch did not come up with “something new”, but PUBG still needs optimization, Fortnite is “some kind of non-adult”, primitive. Activision will not release a raw product, “it will definitely do it right”.

A monstrous sized map holds under a hundred people. Lost, you can hold out until the finals, and not having met a single living soul. Of course, no one bothers to dive into the thick of events, parachuting simultaneously with the others and falling to the ground like a bunch of grapes. I rushed to the nearest building, picked up the first available trunk and … died from a high-level camper’s bullet (by the way, they in the ordinary multiplayer made life much more difficult).

Over time, the life span is growing, the arsenal becomes impressive, trunks flash from the “Zombie” mode. Wandering through the fields, forests, visiting houses, villas and other buildings in search of profit is initially interesting – “Oh, oh, another loot, a beautiful sight, bintik, ammo …” But you will have to forget about ballistics (or return to PUBG). Helicopters, trucks, “quadrics” – shorten the path, crushing along the “green” fighters. Fun, defiantly, you can fight for life alone or as part of a team, but I’m sorry, I bought Call of Duty for the sake of its classic modes.

In Black Ops 4 there is some semblance of a single-player “campaign” aimed at meeting the fighters. Among them are almost completely familiar faces, unless, of course, you have played the previous “black pigs”. If not – the usual set of “Persians” with different abilities, as in any other shooter.

The “Training” mode is intended to demonstrate the work of all specialists in practice. The experienced “coder” will almost certainly drop in there for the sake of interest and with high probability will not return back – it is more interesting to try everything the hard way in a “real” battle. Yes, it will take a little more time to search for the “secret techniques” of all ten specialists, but there will be at least some surprises …

Getting out of the “field”, you understand that Black Ops 4 has remained vigorous, but the pace has undergone changes for the better. The last games in the series can be called rather “sharp”, like … a bullet, for example. The “wooden” sound of weapons of past “codes” is at least realistic (if this applies to futuristic “trunks”), but the gamer does not need this. Runs on the walls rather tired, futuristic surroundings, too.

The developers made a small step back, a kind of curtsy, calmed down the fantasy, corrected physics. You jump high and far, but only if there is a hook in the equipment; a heavy machine gun doesn’t just shoot slower, you can feel the power of flying bullets in it, you can hear the banging of the bolt, the ringing of the tape, and the clapping of exploding gases. Lightweight short arms? Bursting, tearing to the sky. Useless at long range, but deadly in the near.

Perhaps hours after 30 battles like each other, the enthusiasm will be less, but the first impressions are almost entirely positive. However, they did not get rid of the legacy of the recent games in the series, and the sensations of shooting are still closer to the latest Black Ops, rather than to Modern Warfare.

The most unusual innovation was the first-aid kit system. With the exception of some game modes, they are infinite and have every fighter, to restore the charge takes time (quite a bit). For treatment, you press the button, health is gradually restored. Usually it looks like this: came under fire, jumped, holding the treatment button, “got sick” on the fly and treacherously shot the attacker confident in your imminent death. Adds dynamics and can even lead to victory (especially important in modes with permanent death). True, now we must look for the right moment not only for reloading, but also for activating the first-aid kit.

Having done dozens of battles for different specialists, you can find the most effective one, because everyone has a “trick”. Someone likes a funny military watchdog who runs around the map and nibbles the heels of the enemy. Others will like the rocket booster that is quickly mincing on the map. The third likes to help his comrades in arms with supplies or remotely maintain their health. And so on. Ideally, of course, assemble a team of different specialists and act together. Such groups sometimes organize themselves, but this does not happen often.

Usually, everything in the style of Call of Duty is to rush at the enemy with a shout “Aaaaaaa” and shoot at everything that moves, having previously loaded the weapon with modules (there are special ones, they are opened with the help of “Jokers” and high level rifles). Some attempts at competent positional battles are observed in modes where it is required, for example, to set up a bomb or to capture “altitude”, although Black Ops 4 provides such an opportunity in the “Team Battle”.

The “Zombie” mode, which first appeared in World at War as a bonus, can be classified as classic, albeit with a certain stretch. Its updated version reduces the entry threshold for beginners who want to get a portion of fun in the dash with ghouls.

I am glad that those who are disappointed in the series after the release of the last games, may well return to battle. But it would be better if Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Now we have a defective continuation of the franchise.

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