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The Weather Channel warned of the dangers of forest fires, “moving” the studio to the epicenter of the elements

The channel continues to use the technology of “reverse mixed reality.”

Meteorologist of The Weather Channel Stephanie Abrams (Stephanie Abrams) told about the appearance of forest fires and the characteristics of their spread. For clarity, the studio was turned into the epicenter of the spread of fire thanks to the technology of “reverse mixed reality.”

As Abrams told the culprits of fires in 80% of cases are men. For the emergence of “fire storm” is enough one spark from a cigarette. According to the meteorologist, a forest fire, as in a video, destroys one football field per second.

To create a video The Weather Channel again used the technology of “reverse mixed reality” (Immersive Mixed-Reality), which was already used during the warning of hurricane Florence. The TV channel creates real-time graphics on the Unreal Engine game engine and puts it into the studio using “ chroma key ” (green screen for background replacement – )

The Weather Channel released a video about the fires during the Santa Ana wind season, which makes fires in southern California the most devastating at this time of year. These winds are characterized by dry and hot air currents, which contributes to the appearance of fires.

Forest fires are a serious problem for California. By 2018, the season of forest fires in the state continues all year round, and those who live at the foot of the mountains are in the most dangerous position. As Abrams noted, the scenes shown at the end of the video may soon become a “new reality”.

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