The first reviews of the “budget” iPhone Xr: almost like a flagship, only cheaper

Exactly one week before the start of sales of the iPhone Xr in the countries of the first wave. Apple introduced the smartphone in September along with flagship models Xs and Xs Max. Foreign observers have already metwith the device and made the first impression of the smartphone.

In short, what the iPhone Xr is. This is the cheapest Apple smartphone from the current line. It has a 6.1-inch screen — more than the iPhone Xs (5.8 inches), but smaller than the Xs Max (6.5 inches). True, the matrix is ​​different: LCD instead of OLED. Also, the smartphone does not have the technology of strong pressing 3D Touch, and the sensor of the main camera is only one. But the price is $ 749 versus $ 999 for the iPhone Xs. The processor is similar to the flagship, A12 Bionic, but the RAM is 3 GB instead of 4 GB.

The mood of the first reviews is positive. Bloggers and journalists highly appreciated the design of the device and a large range of colors: six options against three of the flagships. Fears about the LCD screen were not confirmed: it is noted that there is almost no difference with OLED – except that the flagship’s black color is more saturated.

With the camera, too, everything was in order. It uses the same 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor with f / 1.8 aperture as the iPhone Xs. Despite the absence of a second sensor, the “state employee” knows how to make portrait shots with blurring the background – and it looks like it turns out no worse than the older models.

Adding here an almost identical iPhone Xs stuffing (only 3 GB RAM instead of 4 GB) at a more affordable price, observers note that this is one of the best devices at the moment. The smartphone is called powerful and relevant, and the top Xs – just the “premium segment”, an overpayment for a certain status.

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