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Someone on Reddit analyzed all his masturbation cases in four years

His data is really big.

Photo Archibald, Flickr
Photo Archibald, Flickr

Unknown English-speaking 22-year-old Reddit user under the nickname touchingforscience (“I’m teasing in the name of science”) has been recording information about his every case of masturbation for four years already. For the first time, he began to do it on February 24, 2013: then the 18-year-old boy thought he was reaching an orgasm for too long.

He began to record how long the “sessions” last and how much time passes between them, and a year later he published his first report on Reddit. It turned out that for this year the average time of one “session” was 44 minutes for him, the shortest lasted 5 minutes, and the longest — 150 minutes. Between the “sessions”, on average, a day and 16 hours passed.

In 2015 and 2016 , almost none of the redditors paid attention to the positions of touchingforscience, so he decided that in 2017 he would publish his latest report for the previous year. In addition, he had a girlfriend with whom he became to have sex regularly since mid-2016.

If you look at the user’s “progress”, you can see that from year to year the average time he needed for masturbation gradually fell: in 2015 it was already 35 minutes, in 2016 – 32 minutes, and in 2017 – 23 minutes. The counting started from the moment when porn was launched in the face.

The number of “sessions” first grew up to 379 times in 2016, and in 2017, it plummeted to 292. According to touching science, this year he had sex with his girlfriend 55 times. The average time between “sessions” for all four years was equal to days and 5 hours – that is, in general, touching science began to masturbate more often than when it began.

You can find comments for some “sessions” in pedagogically compiled Google Drive tables . Including touchingforscience pointed out the reason for masturbation, for example, wrote “Boredom” or “Excitement”. The main reason was boredom.

Over all these years, he spent on masturbation from 1.83% to 2.3% of the time in a year.

The girl user knows that he publishes statistics on his masturbation on Reddit, and calls him “eccentric.” According to touchingforscience, he looks at a strictly defined niche porno genre and has never watched “traditional” porn, but cannot say what kind of genre this is, as some of his friends and acquaintances also know about his “project” for Reddit.

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