Sagrada Familia will pay Barcelona € 36 million fine for building without a license

The construction began in 1882 with donations from parishioners.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Photo

The authorities of Barcelona and the administration of the Sagrada Familia (Sagrada Familia) agreed that the church would pay 36 million euros for building construction for 133 years without permission. This was reported by theSpanish newspaper El Pais.

This amount will be paid within 10 years, the money will be spent on improving the infrastructure of the city. 22 million will be spent on improving public transport, 3 million will be allocated to public spaces. Another seven million will go on a direct path from the metro station to the temple and four million to redevelop the neighboring streets.

According to the contract, the temple can also apply for a building license in 2019. Two institutions promised to help him with this, which will develop a plan for the organization of work.

Sagrada Familia started building the temple in 1882, Antonio Gaudi became its architect. The building was built on donations from parishioners, it is planned to be completed in 2026.

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