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Relationship deaths, masturbation sessions and favorite beers: Reddit analyzes your life using graphs and tables

The data helps users of the “main page of the Internet” take a fresh look at everyday situations.

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One of the popular sections on Reddit is the r / dataisbeautiful subreddit , where users share interesting big data visualizations. They make some graphs and tables themselves, using open sources and reports from various organizations. Other participants in the section went a different way: they began to analyze their own lives, collecting information from everyday situations.

it has selected several examples of similar studies. Among them: attempts to display discord in relationships and marriage, tables about how many times the cats asked the owner to stroke themselves, the history of weight loss and the experiment with candy Skittles.

Dying relationship

In the modern world, love can be tried to measure the number of messages in the messenger. In October 2018 it by example showed a student from India under the name mvarun93. On the chart, he showed two years of relationship with a girl, highlighting the periods when he had to go to another city to work.

The number of sent messages grew before each of his visits home, but after moving to the US, the numbers on the chart began to fall. It all ended with five messages sent in June 2018, after which the couple did not communicate.

A few days later another user showed his statistics during a relationship at a distance. The second month turned out to be the most “outgoing” month when a guy with a girl were for the first time far away from each other. But then everything also went into decline. On the graph you can see a small column in September 2018 – a small attempt to reconcile after parting.

You can capture emotions with other data. In early 2018, a Reddit user shared data with a Fitbit bracelet with commentators. They showed the level of heartbeat at the time of talking with his wife about the divorce. After the words about the official parting, the man’s pulse jumped from about 60 to 160 and constantly jumped during the discussion.

Love of alcohol

Some people constantly try new types of alcohol, but do not fix their habits. On r / dataisbeautiful users, on the contrary, carefully watch that they or others drink. For example, cllmtylr recorded everything he drank over the past six months. It turned out 543 liters of water and 46 liters of alcohol (a favorite drink – lager).

Another member of the sobreddita owns a bar in the United States. And for the sake of interest, I looked at how the habits of its visitors changed over the months. Spoiler: IPA positions failed to shake.

Several years of masturbation analysis

In 2017,  talked about user touchingforscience (“I’m teasing in the name of science”), who for four years recorded information about his every case of masturbation. Every year he laid out a report on Reddit – 2018 was no exception.

This time the user stated that he was recording sessions with his girlfriend, but she forgot to record her information in a few months. The results showed that the average time of the “session” increased from 23 minutes to 30 minutes. And the longest session lasted almost two hours (the shortest – four minutes).

There are other serious studies on similar topics: In 2018, a detailed visualization of seven years of sexual addiction appeared in the section .

Attempts to stroke the cats

In September 2018, the user under the nickname kaisle51 set up an experiment on his cats – Tommen, Hobbs and Linus. The author of the schedule just stroked them for a week as much as they wanted. Each session was considered as follows: it began from the moment when the animal approached the owner, and ended when he was weary of the weasel. Also, the user counted each stroking.

For a week, it turned out that more than ever, Hobbs loves affection. In total, the author of the post on Reddit stroked his cats almost five thousand times.

Work searches

Soproudofyou six months looking for work in Europe. He responded to vacancies in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris and other cities. It was not possible to get a position, and he began to make calculations. As a result, the user still found a job, and at the same time presented a schedule of their searches.

Of the 238 attempts to contact the employer, he was not answered in 189 cases. Only 11 companies brought the case to the interview stage, of which three made an offer.

Fighting overweight

Reddit often tells stories about losing weight, but more often it is accompanied by standard before / after photos. The user of Galendis by the age of 27 realized that she weighs almost 145 kilograms. And then she began a three-year journey to the weight of 87 kilograms.

All data Galendis skid in the table, fixing the details on how much has changed her weight in a week. She published the results in the form of a graph, signing the reasons why in some segments the indicators grew, rather than decreased. Basically it happened at weddings and holidays.

Analysis of candies in a pack

How many candies are in one Skittles package? Does their number differ from pack to pack? How many sweets are there in each color? These questions greatly interested the user ZoniNation. He decided to find the answers himself and bought 36 packs of Skittles.

The author of the experiment opened all the packs, counted the number of candies in them and divided them by color. The study he designed immediately in several graphs to show distinguishing from the packaging in the package. It turned out that sometimes Skittles customers might get lucky (bag number 15), and sometimes not so much (bag number 16). What ZoniNation will do next with this knowledge is unknown.

Commentator disassembly

At some point, a user appeared under the nickname PM_WHY_YOU_DOWNVOTED on Reddit (“Write in a personal note why you gave me a minus”). One and a half years after registration, it turned out that this was part of a large experiment. He collected data for 18 months and eventually published a graph with the most frequent reasons from personal messages.

It turned out that the most popular options are “I just wanted to write to you” and “Actually, I put a plus.” There were also exotic options: for example, “Because I went to *** [hell]” (six answers), “No one wants to listen to your sexual dreams about Nicholas Cage” (three answers), “I identify myself as a bat attack me ”(one answer) and“ Because you are ***** [gay] ”(one answer).


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