Musk showed a new cheap version of Tesla Model 3

Although it costs 45 thousand dollars (about 2.9 million rubles), the head of the company is sure that the car will be cheaper.

Screenshot of the Tesla website

Elon Musk spoke about the launch of the new cheap version of the Tesla Model 3, which appeared on the site. According to him, after deducting taxes and at the expense of fuel economy, a car will cost 31 thousand dollars. Two prices are indicated on the company’s website: $ 45,000 is the regular version and $ 33.2 thousand is after taxes.

Three versions of the Model 3 are available for purchase: a new, cheaper model with a smaller battery of 418 kilometers and two more expensive models with batteries of 500 kilometers. They cost, taking into account the deduction of taxes, 42.2 and 52.2 thousand dollars.

“Tesla’s rear-wheel drive really works well on snow and ice. We conducted tests on an icy lake! Four-wheel drive is good, but not needed in cold weather. Just don’t use sport or summer tires. ”

Three versions of the Model 3 are now available on the Tesla website: a new, cheap model with a less powerful battery (418 km of travel) with a minimum price of $ 33.2 thousand and more expensive models with a price of $ 42.2 thousand (about 500 km of travel) and $ 52 , 2 thousand.

At the same time, excluding tax breaks and other deductions, cars cost $ 45,000, $ 54,000 and $ 64,000, respectively.

In May 2018, Ilon Musk told on Twitter that the release of the low-priced Model 3 for $ 35,000 could kill the company. According to him, for this Tesla it was necessary to start producing 5 thousand cars a week. The company achievedthis goal in July 2018.

Presented a cheaper Tesla Model 3 and a new simplified page for ordering

It costs $ 35,000 net of federal and local tax breaks in California, but the actual cost approaches $ 31,000 as a result of fuel economy.

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