Media: Apple has run into problems with the AirPower area; a different product may be released under this name.

The company failed to turn the concept into a working device.

Photos from the presentation of Apple

The AirPower wireless charging mat will not be out soon due to many problems with its work. Apple may abandon the original idea and release a completely different product under the same name. This was reported in the blog Sonny Dickson, which is known for publishing credible leaks about Apple.

The site noted that there were three separate problems with AirPower. According to Sonny Dickson’s sources at Apple, at first it turned out that the device was overheating – rumors about this had been going on for a long time. The high temperature of the rug during operation affected the speed of charging devices on it, and also led to an overload of the internal chip that controlled the process.

In addition, the AirPower communications software did not work correctly – the pad did not transfer current data on charging activation and device energy levels. As noted in Sonny Dickson, beautiful animation on the iPhone when using the pad was one of the main elements of its advancement, so for Apple this is a serious problem.

The third problem was the very idea of ​​AirPower as a rug on which you can charge three devices at the same time. As noted in Sonny Dickson, this was not offered by any other company, apparently, for a reason.

Apple decided to put it so that the devices could be put on any part of the rug and they still charged. To do this, engineers used from 21 to 24 induction coils of different sizes, located close to each other on the entire area of ​​AirPower.

However, this decision gave rise to problems: because of the dense arrangement between the coils, interference appeared, and their efficiency decreased. The layout could also cause excessive heat to be released. According to Sonny Dickson, isolation of the coils is a particularly difficult task for engineers.

Sources of the site did not tell what will happen to the rug further. Journalist John Gruber noted that Apple could either start work on it from scratch or abandon the project. However, according to him, the company may use the name AirPower for some other device with wireless charging, but with a different concept. The journalist believes that expecting the appearance of AirPower in one form or another is not worth it before the spring of 2019.

The AirPower mat was announced in September 2017 along with the iPhone X and the Apple Watch Series 3. Apple promised that it would be available “in 2018”, but in June 2018, Bloomberg reported that the company had difficulties and the project was moved to autumn.

During the September presentation, the rug was never remembered from the stage, and its mentions were gone from the Apple site . Also, the company has not announced new AirPods, the case of which was supposed to be able to wirelessly charge.

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